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Our Library: 1972-2011


From silent storehouse to reaching out

  • Roving help reaching clients within the building
  • Academic outreach
  • Email a Librarian
  • Chat to a Librarian (online)
  • Library_info4u email list

New service features:

  • Functional attractive service desks supporting streamlined workflows
  • Visible and approachable assistance for clients on entry
  • Additional quick access and email computers
  • Improved self loan units
  • Enhanced access to assistance for students with disabilities
  • Panizzi Cafe

Listening to our community through client surveys and market research allows the Library to respond with measurable service standards, the Client Service Charter and a commitment to quality, service and excellence.

Service desk - pictureService desk - picture
Service desk - pictureService desk - picture
Content by: Associate Librarian, Client Services
Last reviewed: 25 February, 2011

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