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Mining the Landscape _Library News

NEW exhibition about the local coal industry set to open 6 February 2017

One of the earliest Illawarra industries, coal mining, greatly impacted the establishment and settlement of communities along the Illawarra coastline, shaping the urban development of the area.

Appreciated early on for its picturesque qualities, the Illawarra landscape was also geologically resource-rich, with coal discovered at Coalcliff in 1797 by Dr George Bass. By 1849 the first mine had opened at Mount Keira and the shipping of coal through the Wollongong harbour commenced. The region quickly transformed from the “Garden of New South Wales” into an industrial centre, spurred on by the need for coal to power steam engines and prospered due to the richness of its coal seams.

More than 150 years later, the Illawarra continues to supply coal to domestic and overseas markets, although the pit top entrances, coke oven batteries, tramways and jetties which once dotted the landscape have now all but disappeared, washed away by raging seas or demolished and covered by dense escarpment forests.

This exhibition explores our local mining history with a display of images and objects predominantly from the UOW Archives and Illawarra Historical Society.

Mining the Landscape: Coal in the Illawarra
February 6 – May 14
UOW Library Panizzi Room

2016 Client Satisfaction Survey findings...Library Survey Promo Image

Overall, we continued to outperform 75% of other university libraries. Moreover, seven of the Library's best performance areas were also your top ten most important areas. While it’s important to understand our strengths, it’s equally important we don’t miss improvement opportunities.

Two strong themes emerged. You aren’t happy with computer availability, and you want more space to study, particularly for group work.

What will we do?

Firstly, we must dive deep into the feedback, and there is much to read. We received 3,618 responses, a fantastic outcome. In addition, 2,080 people provided written responses to the open-ended question “Please give us your suggestions for improvement or any other comments about the Library”. In total, you wrote 61, 714 words of comments. That’s more than half a novel!

The issues raised were expected, though their volume surprised us. We understand the frustration many students face trying to secure a peaceful place to study, whether alone or in a group. Our challenge is to devise strategies to alleviate that frustration. Achievable strategies.

It will take a few months to formulate a plan, though already, we’re carefully considering how to minimize the MakerSpace area’s impact, scheduled for roll out next year.

Click here if you are a detail person and want more information.

MakerSpace/MediaSpace is coming

The main library will soon install a MakerSpace and MediaSpace on the ground floor. Both spaces will open in early 2017 and will offer clients the opportunity to experiment with the latest prototyping tools and technology, and to collaborate on creative projects. Click Here for more information

During the early part of Summer Session, when construction is taking place, Levels 1, 2 and the South Wing may be more suitable for study.

The Smith Family Giving Tree Appeal 2016

UOW Library supports the Smith Family Toy and Book Appeal with our annual Christmas Giving Tree. Donations of unwrapped NEW toys and books can be placed in front of our tree in the Library Foyer. Your gesture of goodwill will bring a smile to the face of a child in need this Christmas.

All donations will be collected at 4pm on Tuesday 20 December.

Migration to the Illawarra exhibition opens next week at UOW Library.

Mr Harman

A new exhibition celebrating migration to the Illawarra will be opened by CEO of Multicultural NSW, Mr. Hakan Harman, at 6pm on Wednesday 12 October in the Panizzi Room, University of Wollongong Library.

“The Migration to the Illawarra exhibition is a collaboration between the Migration Heritage Project and the University of Wollongong Library,” said UOW Director of Library Services, Margie Jantti.

“The exhibition includes posters, photographs, publications and original memorabilia from the University Archives and private collections, chronicling migrant forebears, from whom many of us are descended.”

Migration heritage is the legacy of people’s experiences of leaving one country and culture, travelling to and adjusting to a new place, and becoming familiar with it and its people, then adapting traditional culture.

 "Wollongong was transformed after the Second World War by the influx of migrants. So much of what they brought with them - courage, resilience, a strong work ethic and hope for a better future - are inherent in the values of our city as it is today. We have real reason to celebrate this heritage,” said Franca Facci, Migration Heritage Project chairperson.

The exhibition is open from 12 October 2016 to 22 January 2017:

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Last reviewed: 14 March, 2017

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