Borrowing information

Reciprocal borrowing information for UOW students & staff

(ULANZ - University Libraries of Australia and New Zealand - borrowing scheme)

Who may borrow?

  • UOW students and staff may borrow from other university libraries under the University Library Australia borrowing scheme.
  • ULANZ is designed to act as a supplement to the home institution service.
  • ULANZ conditions and fees are set by the host institution.
  • Borrowing and usage conditions are more restricted for ULANZ borrowers. The host institution's primary responsibility is to its own students.

Which libraries can I borrow from?

How much does it cost?

  • Contact the library from which you wish to borrow - ULANZ fees are set by the host institution.

How do I register?

  • Apply directly at the library from which you wish to borrow. Students must provide proof of current enrolment AND current student ID card; staff must provide proof of current employment AND current staff ID card. A fee may be payable - this is at the discretion of the host library.

Duration of membership

  • Memberships are valid to 30 November of the following year. A new authorised application form is needed each year.

Returning borrowed items

  • Always return items to the Library you borrowed from - do not return them to the UOW Library.
  • Failure to comply with borrowing conditions at the host library may result in your borrowing privileges being blocked at the UOW Library.
Last reviewed: 5 September, 2017

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