Using your Library

Using Library learning spaces

Group Study Rooms are for UOW student use only. Use is in accordance with Library Code of Conduct.

Quiet study areas


  • Ground Floor - Law Library
  • The entire Level 1
  • Level 2 - along the northern wall outside Teaching Labs 1 and 2.
  • Library South Wing - Level 2, Building 17.

Group study areas / group study rooms

  • Where:
    • All levels of the Library - areas with large group work tables
    • All levels of the Library - informal group work spaces
    • Ground Floor, Level 2 and South Wing - Group study rooms
    • Shoalhaven Campus Library - Group study rooms
  • Facilities:
    • Ground Floor rooms - whiteboards
    • GS1 and GS2 have projectors
    • Level 2 rooms - whiteboards and plasma screens
    • Collect whiteboard markers and connection cables for computers are available from Short Loans
  • Access:

Powered study desks

  • Many desks throughout the Library provide access to power

Music Room (group study room 9)

  • Where: Short Loans, Ground Floor
  • Facilities:
    • Audio system, CD/DVD players, turntable, TV
    • Table and chairs
    • Headphones are available from Short Loans
  • Access:

Teaching Labs

  • Where: Level 2
  • Access: when not booked for classes, Teaching Labs are available for general use.

Postgraduate Space

  • Who may use: UOW postgraduates, Honors, Dean's Scholars and Graduate Diploma students
  • Where: Ground Floor - behind the Law Library and Leisure Reading areas, and in the Library South Wing (Building 17, Level 2).
  • Facilities:
    • individual study spaces
    • computers
    • quiet group work area
  • Access:
    • Collect access code from the Ground Floor service desk

Academic Space for UOW academic staff

  • Where: Level 1, south-west corner
  • Facilities:
    • 4 computers
    • Tables and chairs
    • Wireless Internet connection
  • Access:
    • Collect access code from the Ground Floor service desk
Last reviewed: 13 January, 2017

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