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The Library aims to provide a comfortable space where all clients can access the resources and facilities they need to achieve their study goals.

To help keep noise to a minimum:

  • please use designated group study areas for work that requires discussion
  • some areas are allocated for silent study, so please respect that when in those areas

Mobile phones

  • Mobile phones are the biggest cause of complaints by Library clients. Please keep your phone switched to silent, and move away from other clients if you must make or take a call.

Food and drink

Food and Drink is allowed in the Library under the following conditions:

  • Hot food should be eaten outside of the Library
  • Please be careful when eating and drinking near electrical equipment
  • Please be considerate when disposing of rubbish
  • Accidental spillage should be reported to Library staff asap

Photography and filming in the Library

Working together

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Last reviewed: 1 May, 2017

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