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Library Christmas Giving Tree (ends thur 18 December)

Please give generously.

UOW Library are currently accepting donations of NEW toys and books for our annual Library Christmas Giving Tree, which is supporting the Smith Family Christmas Appeal in 2014. Donations can be deposited into the boxes located in front of our tree in the UOW Library Foyer. The Smith Family will be collection our Giving Tree donations this Thursday December 18 after lunch. Visit the Smith Family's web site for more information on this appeal.

Early Illawarra and Explorers Exhibition (10 November–16 December)

Early Illawarra and Explorers Exhibition

Weekdays 9am–5pm; Sundays 11am–4pm. 
UOW Library—Panizzi Room, Building 16, Northfields Ave, Wollongong.

An understanding of land and place through exploration and discovery has produced a variety of responses and fostered the development of different relationships with the Illawarra. From the first Aboriginal exploration and settlement some 60,000 years ago, the land has seen European surveying and scientific expeditions into the unknown, artists in search of picturesque landscapes, and tourists seeking a scenic kind of wilderness. All have produced remarkable images and writings and increased our knowledge of this region.

In this exhibition the UOW Library showcases its restored 1789 edition of “ Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay: with an account of the establishment of the colonies of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island” and two recently acquired 19th Century Eugene von Guerard prints, as well as works on loan from the Wollongong Art Gallery.

Official Launch

  • Wednesday 12 November 12pm
  • Speakers: Margie Jantti, Director, Library Services, Paul Brunton, Emeritus Curator at the State Library of New South Wales, and Jade Kennedy, UOW Research Fellow, Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences.

Special event presentations

Exhibition web site

International Open Access Week (20–26 October)

Open Access Week banner

UOW Library is celebrating International Open Access Week 2014 from October 20 to 26, to promote the opportunity to share and learn from academic and research communities with free, immediate, online access to the results of scholarly research and collections.

Open Access can enable a visit to the past with online digital publications such as OZ Magazine, the Arty Wild Oat and the Australian Left Review, as well as a whole range of specialist historical titles.

Celebrate local memories with Queen Elizabeth on tour in Wollongong during her 1954 Royal Visit, or find out about Percy and Renata Cochrane’s experience of living in Papua New Guinea in the mid 20th century. You can even find a whole range of Local Government Election pamphlets dating from 1959.

Delve into University of Wollongong history, with a diverse range of archived publications and records including the Tertangala, Corporate reports and photograph collections.

Earlier this year UOW become one of a handful of universities in Australia to adopt an OPEN ACCESS policy that will allow anyone from anywhere in the world to download academic publications via the University’s Research Online platform.

UOW Reflects On The Great War Exhibition (25 August–3 October)

UOW Reflects on the Great War Exhibition banner

On 4 August 1914 Britain declared war on Germany after invading Belgium as part of a pre-emptive strike on France. Britain’s decision meant that Australia was also at war. Initial disbelief was quickly replaced by enthusiastic support, though the war ultimately brought with it a terrible cost.

UOW Reflects on The Great War has been developed by UOW Library in collaboration with Associate Professor John McQuilton and Dr Jen Roberts from the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts. Exhibits are drawn from University Archives, the Illawarra Museum and local collections.

This exhibition seeks to share the experience of the First World War through a local perspective and highlight its broader impact on Australian society.

OPEN: 9am to 5pm Weekdays and 11am to 4pm weekends in the Library Panizzi Room. University of Wollongong, Building 16, Northfields Ave, Wollongong.

Special presentations

Tuesday, 1pm, 30 September, Panizzi Room.
ANZAC: The Birth? Or Death Of A Nation?
Dr Georgine Clarsen
Just months after the Gallipoli landing the Australian press were declaring that Australia was born on the beaches and slopes of the Dardanelles. Of course, Australia as a formal political entity—a modern state—was born 15 years earlier in 1901, with the federation of the six independent colonies. The idea that Australia was born on the beaches of Gallipoli, however, continues to be heard and widely believed right to the present day. This talk considers why it seemed important to have a nation born through bloodshed in 1915 and if that continues to be a useful way to think about the Australian nation today.

Wednesday, 12:30pm, 1 October, Panizzi Room.
Writing home
Letter Readings of correspondence between WW1 Soldier William Agate, the AIF and his family by UOW Creative Arts students.

Wednesday, 1:00pm, 1 October, Panizzi Room.
The Keiraville Honour Board - A Community Impact Case Study
Dr Jen Roberts
While the Great War affected all of Australia and changed its course of history, it was in the small towns and communities that we find the true impact of that conflict. This talk focuses on the Wollongong suburb of Keiraville and the stories of courage, loss and pride among local families as they sought to come to terms with the ‘war to end all wars’. The Keiraville Honour Board is one of the expressions of that town’s need to remember the boys who fought, and the boys who never came home.

Friday, 1pm, 3 October, Panizzi Room.
Collections and Personal Reflections
John Shipp, Illawarra Historical Society and Illawarra Museum.
A discussion of relics relating to WW1 veterans Jack Lindoy and Bert Potter which are housed in the Illawarra Museum.

Full presentation schedule [PDF]

Community and school groups are welcome to visit this exhibition and attend the special presentations.

Visit our UOW Reflects On The Great War Online Exhibition

Collected, Connected and Cut: artists' Books Exhibition (11 April–8 May 2014)

Collected, Connected, and Cut: Artists' Books Exhibition

10am to 4pm Monday to Friday & 12.30pm to 3.30pm Saturday and Sunday

Panizzi Room, Library

Free book construction demonstration each Wednesday during the exhibition, 12.15 to 1.45pm.

More information

The Royal Visit to Wollongong 1954 (9 June 2014)

Banner image

The University of Wollongong Library has recently made available online historical film footage from the Royal Visit to Wollongong by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in February 1954.

More than 120,000 people lined the streets and enthusiastically greeted the young Queen and Prince during one of the greatest welcomes the City has imparted to a visitor.

The film was acquired from a local collector in January this year and has been digitised and made available to the public by the University of Wollongong Library.

The clip can be viewed on the UOW Library website, which also includes a ‘then and now’ view of the route taken through Wollongong by the Queen’s Royal procession, as well as historical images and newspaper reports.

Historical Illawarra Mercury 1856 to 1954 digitised (1 May 2014)

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UOW Library has partnered with the Wollongong City Council Libraries to make 98 years of the Illawarra Mercury available on line, with Council Library staff and University staff working together to digitise more than 60,000 pages of the Illawarra Mercury dated from 1856 to 1954.

Scanned copies of the paper held by the State Library of New South Wales are now freely available to search and download through the National Library of Australia’s TROVE database.

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