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Publication Management @ UOW

A shared responsibility ...

  • Researchers
  • Academic and Research Units
  • Research Services Office
  • Planning, Marketing and Communications Division
  • University Library
  • Performance Indicators Unit
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Publication management @ UOW is a shared responsibility. Research publications showcase the effort, quality and outcomes of the University’s research activity. By capturing a complete collection of UOW publications in the Research Information System (RIS), the University can accurately report its research activity in Government initiatives, such as ERA that have direct and indirect benefit to the University.

Maximise your impact, let others find your research: if it’s in RIS, the Library will also put it in Research Online (the University’s institutional publication repository), and thereby make it discoverable via Google.

What’s my role?


  • Periodically check lists provided to you and advise the Library of your recent publications that are not captured in RIS
  • Provide your CV to the Library if you are new to UOW
  • Send a copy of the full text article or final manuscript version when requested (also known as post-peer reviewed version) and other evidence to the University Library for upload into the University repository:

Faculty publication officers

  • Act as a faculty contact point for the RSO/Library
  • The RSO will send you periodic content reports from RIS
  • Check the content of periodic reports for data accuracy and completeness. Data accuracy includes checking faculty/group affiliations, FOR codes, authors etc.
  • Maintain group membership lists, ensuring all modifications are sent to the RSO
  • The Library will source CVs from staff new to UOW. You can help by sending to the Library any CVs you receive for entry into RIS. Email:

Need help? Contact the Scholarly Content Team in the Library on ext. 5109

Faculty Managers - Heads of School

  • Maintain overall responsibility for the publication collection for the faculty or School
  • Delegate responsibility for receipt of content reports from RSO, checking of reports and follow-up of data problems
  • Contact point for the Library and RSO.

Research Services Office (RSO)

  • RIS System Owner
  • Maintain RIS: track enhancement requests, maintain documentation, and collaborate with the Library to improve RIS functionality
  • Publication collection data owner. This includes responsibility for data integrity checking and correction of data integrity problems

Planning, Marketing and Communications Division

  • Draw statistical reports from RIS and work with PIU to produce meaningful publication reports
  • Draw data integrity reports to assist the RSO and library with correction of data integrity problems

Performance Indicators Unit (PIU)

  • Maintain the Performance Indicator Portal system that collects data from RIS used to create and compile accurate and relevant publication data reports

University Library

  • Ensure that the University publication collection is complete in RIS and Research Online
  • Ensure that the metadata recorded for all publications in RIS is accurate and appropriately formatted, according to industry standards.
  • Ensure that University staff are aware of the publication management process. This includes training and awareness of academic staff, publication officers and faculty executive staff.
  • Verify publications against ARROW criteria
  • Maintain the institutional repository
  • Enter publications into RIS as required, on behalf of academic and faculty staff
  • Develop and make available written support material relating to publication management


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Last reviewed: 10 June, 2016