Publication management

Publication Management @ UOW

A shared responsibility ...

  • Researchers
  • Academic and Research Units
  • Research Services Office
  • Planning, Marketing and Communications Division
  • University Library
  • Performance Indicators Unit
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Getting help

Contact the Scholarly Content Team for help with managing your publications in RIS and Research Online, including:

  • Entering your CV of publications if you are new to UOW
  • Adding your recent publications into RIS

Email a query, or send your CV or your publications to Alternately, you can call us on ext. 5109.

Other services for researchers

Contact your Outreach Librarian for assistance with:

  • Funding opportunities
  • Selection of quality research outlets
  • Profile and data management
  • Identifying strategic ways to increase impact in a competitive world


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Last reviewed: 15 June, 2016