Transactional access to ScienceDirect

The Library has access to the current years for most of the journals on ScienceDirect. To provide access to earlier volumes and to those titles not included in our subscriptions, the Library had established an account with ScienceDirect which allows us to register users who then have the rights to download articles. This is known as transactional access.

Transactional access is only available to academic staff.

This is additional to the normal ScienceDirect services available to all our users, as outlined below.

Regular access to ScienceDirect

Access to ScienceDirect, is available to all staff and students from on campus and elsewhere by using the links on the Library databases pages.

On the ScienceDirect site they then have fulltext access to all the material the Library subscribes to and are able to view abstracts for the other content.

All the University users can register at the ScienceDirect site to establish a personal profile. This allows access to additional features such as alerts, creating your own personalised journal lists and saving searches. This facilitates use of the service but does not provide access to any additional content.

Requesting ScienceDirect transactional access

Academic staff who require transactional access to ScienceDirect, please email Neil Grant, Electronic Services Librarian. You will then be supplied with a registration ID and password so you can enable transaction access.


Content by: Electronic Services Librarian

Last reviewed: 29 July, 2009