Choose information that matches your topic

Choose information that matches your topic

Selecting the best search tools will help you find the best information.

Google is popular; but for your assignments, you are expected to use Summon and subscription databases, which are more suitable for academic research.

Activity: compare your search results

Search in Summon and Google using topic keywords from your assignment:


Note some of the differences, and type two of your reflections below:


Techniques to improve your search results

  • Use the subject terms in the search results as clues to find more information
    Try searching with these terms to improve your search as they group related terms together. They may be terms you haven't thought of, or that are used by experts in the field.
  • Skim through the introduction or abstract to look for other words or phrases used.
    Reading abstracts and introductions is a quick way of helping you decide the relevance and helpfulness of an article or book.
  • Try using library databases for more specific information.
    Look at your Subject LibGuide for suggestions of the better databases to search for information in your subject area.


Last reviewed: 24 April, 2014
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