Get information in full text

Get information in full text

When you find a good article, it is important to know how to get the full text efficiently. The Library offers free access to many full text articles.

To see if the Library holds the article you are looking for:

  1. identify the journal title the article is published in; if unsure how to identify the journal title, see StartSmart - Finding Journal Articles on a Reading List.
  2. check the journal title using the "A-Z Journal List"
  3. identify the article's publication date
  4. look in the results for matching the date range

Demonstration: using A-Z Journals List to see if an article is held

Example article used in video: Fudenberg D & Yamamoto Y 2011, 'Learning from private information in noisy repeated games', Journal of Economic Theory, vol.146, no.5, pp1733-1769.

Activity: practise searching "A-Z Journals"

Try here to see if the Library holds the journal articles you are looking for.

The search results may include both electronic and print (hardcopy) journals the Library holds; the date range indicates the article’s availability.

You must acknowledge your sources, so record reference details for any information you find. See StartSmart - Avoiding Plagiarism


Last reviewed: 17 June, 2013
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