Summary of Learning

Summary of learning

If you have worked through this module with your assignment, you should be finding good quality information. You should also now be able to ...

  • understand what your assignment is about
  • choose information that matches your topic
  • think about the information you have found
  • get information in full text


Activity: Test your understanding

Drag the words below into the correct empty box
Task word
Data, statistics or original research within a publication
The short summary at the beginning of a journal article
A word to describe what your assignment is asking you to do
Thinking critically about information you find and deciding if it is related to your topic
Identifies when the information was published
The most commonly used search engine
The Library’s search engine that allows you to find scholarly resources for your assignments
The information was produced/written by an...

Congratulations, you have now completed Module 1!

Revisit this module if you need guidance working through an assignment that asks you to do your own research.

For help with showcasing your research when writing your assignment, see Online Study Resources and Uni Learning from Learning Development.

Last reviewed: 24 April, 2014
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