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Quality and service excellence are the cornerstones to our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. We continually seek improvement and your feedback on services and resources is invaluable. Read how students and staff have rated our performance and how we intend to improve.

Outline of findings from 2016 Library Client Satisfaction Survey (pdf)

The below table outlines respondents’ average score for each question. Importance and Performance scores are rated on a 7 point scale, with 1 = Low, and 7 = High. The difference between the Performance and Importance scores is the Gap Score. Any Gap Score above 1 is considered statistically significant.

30 Importance Score Performance Score Gap Score
A computer is available when I need one 6.13 4.69 1.44
I can find a place in the Library to work in a group when I need to 6.29 5.04 1.25
The Library catalogue is easy to use 6.32 5.41 0.91
I can find a quiet place in the Library to study when I need to 6.54 5.73 0.81
Online resources (e.g. ejournals, databases, ebooks) meet my learning and research needs 6.56 5.81 0.75
The items I’m looking for on the Library shelves are usually there 6.27 5.53 0.75
Opening hours meet my needs 6.33 5.59 0.73
The Library website is easy to use 6.40 5.69 0.71
Laptop facilities (e.g. desks, power) in the Library meet my needs 6.34 5.63 .0.70
Course specific resources (e.g. Subject Readings) meet my learning and research needs 6.41 5.80 0.61
I can get wireless access in the Library when I need to 6.66 6.10 0.56
When I am away from campus I can access the Library resources and services I need 6.44 5.90 0.54
The Library is a good place to study 6.53 6.00 0.53
The Library website provides useful information 6.24 5.71 0.53
Printing, scanning and photocopying facilities in the Library meet my needs 6.46 5.94 0.52
Information resources located in the Library (e.g. books, journals, DVDs) meet my learning and research needs 6.27 5.76 0.51
Books and articles I have requested from other libraries and campuses are delivered promptly 6.05 5.60 0.45
The Library anticipates my learning and research needs 5.68 5.24 0.44
I am informed about Library services 5.52 5.15 0.38
Library staff provide accurate answers to my enquiries 6.51 6.27 0.24
Library classes help me with my learning and research needs 5.48 5.26 0.22
Library staff are readily available to assist me 6.43 6.21 0.21
Library signage is clear 5.77 5.59 0.18
Online enquiry services (e.g. Ask a Librarian) meet my needs 5.85 5.72 0.13
Library staff are approachable and helpful 6.50 6.39 0.11
Self Service (e.g. self check loans, requests, renewals, holds) meets my needs 6.10 6.01 0.09
Face-to-face enquiry services meet my needs 6.09 6.01 0.09
Library staff treat me fairly and without discrimination 6.50 6.56 -0.06
GRAND TOTAL 6.25 5.73 0.52




Last reviewed: 8 December, 2016

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