Publication management

Publication Management @ UOW 

RIS (Research Information System) and RO (Research Online)

The Research Information System (RIS) and Research Online (RO) are UOW systems for collecting, reporting and discovery of the research outputs of the University.

The Research Information System (RIS) is used to record and maintain all UOW scholarly publications in a central repository. The University uses RIS to collect information about research activity as part of the Annual Register of Research Outputs, Wollongong (ARROW). Data for Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) is also derived from the records entered into RIS. Through these mechanisms, the publications recorded in RIS contribute to University funding.

Eligible research publication data entered into RIS will be deposited by the Library into Research Online, the University’s institutional repository. In line with UOW's Open Access Policy, Research Online promotes UOW research to a global audience, ranking highly in Google search results.



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Last reviewed: 31 August, 2017